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The JAKESTRONG mission itself is inspired by Jacob Carlino, a 12 year old boy when diagnosed in May, 2010, with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare form of pediatric cancer that affects bone and soft tissue, striking 2 in 1 million kids a year. After 30 weeks of intense chemotherapy and surgery to remove his entire right side of his pelvis, we are excited to share with all of you that we have been blessed with a MIRACLE and Jacob continues to be in remission since February 12, 2012…Thanks to all of your prayers and support you send our way! His positive outlook and bravery continue to touch all those he comes in contact with. It is his wish, and possibly someday, his own mission, that all of us can help put an end to this awful disease and prevent other children from walking this path of hardship.

Jacob had a malignant mass, the size of a baseball, located on the right side of his pelvis, specifically in the right iliac wing. He went through 30 weeks of intense chemotherapy treatment, involving 5 different chemo drugs and had a right hemipelvectomy (right side of pelvis removed) on September 3, 2010. He wasn’t able to get a prosthetic pelvic bone, since his body would go against it as a foreign object in his body. His immunity was close to none, since his white blood count was wiped out from his chemo. Jake’s body compensated for that empty space and the hip joint moved up and settled right against his tailbone. Along with every other week chemo treatments, he received numerous (over 40) blood and platelet transfusions. Thanks to all of our wonderful family and friends, Jake mostly received direct donated blood…Priceless!…We can’t thank you enough!

He has surpassed all the goals the doctors had for him, especially, learning to walk again within 2 months of being able to bare weight on his right leg. They told Jake it would take him a good year to be able to walk well again. They also told him prior to surgery that he would NEVER run again. Well, at his 6 month follow-up appt., Jake RAN for the doctor! Because of this, Dr. Mayerson told Jake he could never tell another patient that they will not run–Jake beat the odds and proved what determination and perseverance can do — giving HOPE to the next innocent child to walk this difficult path. Dr. Mayerson is so impressed with his accomplishments and determination that they told him he could run, play sports, do whatever his body will allow him to do! NO RESTRICTIONS at all!!!

As of today, Jake is walking with a minimal limp, with the help of a slight wedge in the sole of his right shoe to make him level. He is amazing! His perseverance and SPIRIT is so inspiring and continues to touch others that are walking this journey with us and to all that continue to come in touch with us.

He celebrated “Ringing the Victory Bell” (the last chemo treatment) on 2/12/2011! To our surprise, he became very ill and was hospitalized the following week with a yeast infection that invaded his blood and lungs. His chest CT scan at that time showed multiple nodules on his lungs, which was the yeast infection invading his lungs. With many prayers and medicine, Jake was able to turn this illness around and came through with flying colors! He will continue to be monitored closely the rest of his life. He has graduated to going every 4 months for the next 2 years for scans of his chest and MRI’s of his pelvis. He will then go every 6 months for a year and then annually the rest of his life to make sure the cancer does not spread to any other part of the body, including the pelvis, where it was originally found.

During his time of treatment, Jacob was successfully tutored at home for his entire 7th grade and kept up with his studies. After completing his chemo, he went on to 8th grade as a full time student and was so excited to be with his friends and classmates. In his spare time, he has taken up guitar lessons and is doing extremely well with this new talent. He has played in a few concerts at a local bar and pub, The Lazy Chameleon, with his band, “The Monarchs”, coordinated by his guitar instructor through his music lessons.

Everyone has been so kind and wonderful to us. We can’t thank you enough for your continued prayers! We greatly appreciate you visiting our website and for your unending love, prayers and support you send our way.