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Race Course Map

Route Details:

  • Start on Village Park Drive, 13 feet southeast of a green electric box located on the west side of the road. Box is adjacent to an orange and white buried cable warning post.
  • Leave (east) Adventure Park via. Village Park Drive,
  • Left (north) on Liberty Road, Right (east) on Ridge Side Drive,
  • Left (north) on Hopewell Drive (turns into Woodard Place),
  • Mile 1 – On Hopewell, at the south edge of the driveway to the house between 417 and 437 (probably 427 when construction is finished). MARK IS ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE ROAD.
  • Right on Ashmore Circle East (follow around circle),
  • Right (south) on Woodard Place (turns into Hopewell Drive),
  • Mile 2 – On Woodard, even with the north edge of the asphalt path between 435 and 445. MARK IS ON THE EAST SIDE OF THE ROAD.
  • Right (west) on Ridge Side Drive,Left (south) on Liberty Road,
  • Right (west) Village Park Drive to finish!
  • Mile 3 – On Village Park Drive, 11 feet west of the west end of the wooden footbridge. MARK IS ON NORTH SIDE OF THE ROAD.
  • Finish – 5 km – On Village Park Drive, at the green mailbox located immediately south of the south entrance to the police parking lot. MARKED ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROAD.